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Investing in Ripple

Factors to Evaluate Before Investing in Ripple

Ripple has already emerged as the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap as of Aug 2019. The unique technology and ideal...

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Is Ripple a good investment?

From the past few years, Ripple has always been in the headlines for its relationship with the traditional financial institutions. However, after getting hit by the crypto winter in 2018, the altcoin price is struggling to get even close to its record highs. Many investors still argue about the nature and viability of Ripple’s project.

The biggest challenge that investors face while choosing the cryptocurrency is because of the dynamic nature of the market. While Ripple grew at a rapid pace and attracted the attention of many investors, many experts argue that it won’t survive in the growing competition. Before investing in Ripple, always ensure that to take account of the latest technical analysis, market trends, and expert opinion.

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